Hong Kong’s first 0 sugar, 0 carb, naturally flavoured, premium vodka soda in a can.

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Deliciously Delightful

Pure, clean, refreshing flavour – our high quality ingredients give you a deliciously premium experience unlike any vodka soda you've had before.

Health Conscious

80 calories per can, and 0 sugar, 0 carbs, gluten free, vegan, and keto friendly – enjoy yourself without sacrificing your health and wellness.

Consistently Convenient

Forget the hassle of mixing and measuring ingredients – just crack open a can and get a consistently flavourful sip each time.

Guava Hibiscus

Fruity with a flowery essence and hint of sweetness. Our sexiest flavour to date.

Tahitian Lime

Crisp, zesty, and refreshing. Our elevated take on the classic cocktail.

Yuzu Ginger

Exotic citrus notes, with just the right amount of bite. An ode to our Asian origin.

What our customers are saying...

Just what HK needed!

The ONLY beverages exceeded my expectations! So refreshing on a summers day out with friends with zero hangover the next day!


Will be buying again and again

I bring my own case to every boat party / house party / picnic because there's literally nothing else I'd rather be drinking for 80 calories a can.

Flavor is light and crisp and doesn't have that weird artificial aftertaste that some other similar products have.


Speaking from one of return customer

I've become a regular customer as it's great drink to kick start any party without guilt. Really appreciate their next day delivery time so I didn't need to worry about running out of drinks. Thanks ONLY team!



Delicious and refreshing, an added bonus is the fact it’s low cal and no carb… how can I refuse healthy alcohol!?


Refreshing, not too sweet

Think my favourite thing about these drinks are that they aren't too sweet - That crisp carbonation with a hint of lime makes it feel like I'm drinking a party version of a Perrier, and makes it easy to drink one after another!


Refreshing Yuzu

...unique, refreshing and tasty, and less guilt given zero sugar! Highly recommended for a summer’s day, or casually with friends... Would buy again!


The Taste of Summer

Very refreshing, light flavor and (dangerously) easy to drink! Perfect for all occasions, best enjoyed ice cold under a hot sun.


Refreshing and Guilt-free

A big fan of these ONLY vodka sodas! My go—to drink nowadays, and must have the fridge stocked!


Best drink in HK

My go-to summer drink in HK. low calories and great taste. highly recommend it!