What you normally ask

What Is ONLY™ Vodka Soda?

ONLY™ Vodka Soda is Hong Kong’s first 0 sugar, 0 carb, naturally flavoured, premium vodka soda in a can.

What is the Difference between “Hard Seltzer” and “Vodka Soda”?

Hard seltzers are typically brewed (same process as beer) from fermented sugar cane.

Vodka sodas are made by blending pure, distilled vodka with carbonated water.

What Flavours Does ONLY™ Vodka Soda Come In?

We’re launching with two exciting, zesty citrus flavours – Tahitian Lime and Yuzu Ginger – with more electrifying variants in the pipeline we can't wait to share soon!

What Kind of Vodka is in ONLY™ Vodka Soda?

Our vodka is produced from premium Australian wheat and 5x distilled for the highest degree of purity.

Is ONLY™ Vodka Soda Gluten Free, Vegan, and Keto Friendly?

Yes (to all)!

Does ONLY™ Vodka Soda contain any artificial flavours, preservatives, or artificial sweeteners?

No (to all)!

I Don’t Count Carbs/Calories – Is ONLY™ Vodka Soda Still for Me?

Of course! First off, it tastes amazing.

Also, it's widely believed that sugary drinks cause much harsher hangovers than alcohol alone.

So if you want to minimize hangovers and enjoy a consistent and delicious beverage, ONLY Vodka Soda is for you.

Where is ONLY™ Vodka Soda Produced?

We partnered with a cutting edge beverage developer in Australia to produce ONLY Vodka Soda.