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From product releases to founder interviews to awards... check out some of our coverage below!

2022.07.04 - Timeout

What's hitting the shelves? New beverage launches in Hong Kong

"Pioneering ready-to-drink alcoholic beverage brand, Only Vodka Soda launched their third flavour, Guava Hibiscus, which combines lush guava with a touch of hibiscus."

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2022.06.29 - Retail in Asia

Inside Hong Kong’s first zero sugar vodka soda: EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with ONLY Beverages

"Growing demand for RTD beverages combined with the relatively limited options for Hong Kong consumers created the perfect opportunity for the founding of ONLY Beverages, a Hong Kong-based RTD alcoholic beverage company."

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2022.06.22 - Hong Kong Trade Development Council

Tapping a new drinks market

"Witnessing a growing ready-to-drink market worldwide, and noting a niche for healthier alcoholic drinks in Hong Kong, Flora Ma and Jonathan Der left their respective careers in finance and real estate to launch Only Drinks last year."

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2022.06.16 - LocALIIZ

10 things to do in Hong Kong for Pride Month 2022

"If you would like to support Pink Alliance in other ways but can’t make it to this special sesh, try finding a can of Only’s new guava-hibiscus-flavoured vodka soda, as up to five percent of the drink sales will be donated to over the course of the month. Cheers!"

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2022.06.14 - Inside Retail

Cheers! Hong Kong alcohol start-up Only Beverages plans global push

"Innovative Hong Kong alcoholic beverage company Only Beverages is going global, focusing solely on the ready-to-drink market (RTD) - with a healthy twist."

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2022.05.26 - Jetso Today

ONLY Beverages「Guava Hibiscus番石榴木槿伏特加梳打」

"ONLY Beverages 全新Guava Hibiscus番石榴木槿伏特加梳打,為一度斷市的ONLY Vodka Soda系列帶來全城期待的第三款清新口味。全新Guava Hibiscus番石榴木槿伏特加梳打結合番石榴的誘人果香和木槿的獨特味道,果味更濃郁。"

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2022.05.23 - Lifestyle Asia

Best Sips: 5 drinks we loved this week

"I’m not usually a vodka girl, butONLY Vodka Sodagot me at 0 sugar, 0 carbs and 0 gluten. With my attempts to be health-conscious about my diet, a low-fat alcohol beverage is definitely appealing. I loved their previous Yuzu Ginger and Tahitian Lime flavours, so I had to try out their latest, Guava Hibiscus. The sweet and flowery scent mixed with hints of fruitiness make for an extremely refreshing drink."

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2022.05.14 - gafencu

How canned cocktails dominated the bar scene

"Since health-conscious hard seltzers have an abysmally small market share here, the category is ripe for expansion. Jonathan Der and Flora Ma, co-founders of Only Beverages, are filling that gap with Hong Kong’s first zero-carb, zero-sugar alcoholic drink."

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2022.05.11 - HKClubbing

Guava Hibiscus Flavour Vodka Soda By Only Beverages

"Finally we welcome a new vodka soda flavour by Only Beverages, Guava Hibiscus! Grab a can or two now here in Hong Kong at 4.5% alc/vol. and only 80 calories. They also have two other flavours to choose from, Tahitian Lime and Yuzu Ginger."

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2022.05.06 -

消暑新飲料 玩味清爽可口 原文網址:消暑新飲料 玩味清爽可口

"去年首次登陸香港的即飲酒精飲品品牌ONLY Beverages,其Vodka Soda系列曾一度斷市,受歡迎程度可想而知,最近品牌再下一城,推出全新Guava Hibiscus番石榴木槿伏特加梳打,富番石榴的果香與木槿的獨特味道,果味更濃,甜味亦更突出。"

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2022.04.21 - ESDLife


"如果你身邊有一班酒鬼朋友,一定要為他們提供ONLY Beverages推出的「ONLY Vodka Soda」啦!這款全港首罐零糖、零碳水化合物,天然風味的優質罐裝伏特加梳打共有兩個味,包括大溪地青檸味(Tahitian Lime)及柚子薑味(Yuzu Ginger)。"

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2022.02.04 - The Standard

Toast to health

"It may be Only Beverages, but for its founders, Flora Ma and Jonathan Der, the fizz represents a taste of Canada's health-conscious drinking culture."

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2022.01.20 - Tatler

A Party In A Can: Meet The Founders Of Only Beverages, Jonathan Der And Flora Ma

"Business partners Jonathan Der, 33, and Flora Ma, 32, are the brains behind Only, Hong Kong’s first zero-sugar, zero-carb and gluten-free vodka soda in a can."

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2021.12.09 - Gafencu

Christmas Weight Gain: Enjoy the food without the guilt!

"Only Vodka Soda is a great option for the calorie-conscious drinker. It’s Hong Kong’s first zero sugar, zero carbs and premium vodka soda and comes in a can — no affiliation but perfect for those who want their tipples but not the carbs."

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2021.11.26 - Cosmopolitan

聖誕派對遊戲2021丨6大Party Game推介:簡單易玩輕鬆破冰炒熱氣氛!

"由ONLY Beverages推出的罐裝伏特加梳打,主打零糖、零碳水化合物,每罐酒精濃度為 4.5%,卻只有80卡!ONLY Vodka Soda 更提供兩款口味:大溪地青檸味及柚子薑味,每款均以梳打水、天然香料及經5次蒸餾的Vodka,無糖也不影響風味!"

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2021.11.20 - Hong Kong Economic Times

【創業兵團】瞄準市場缺口 80後好友聯手創低卡低酒精飲品品牌

"馬懿馨及謝栢年看準「健康」低酒精飲品商機,放棄高薪穩定工作,自資創立品牌ONLY Beverages."

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2021.11.16 - LIV Magazine

Check out ONLY, a new Hong Kong-based healthy alternative for holiday drinking

"So we’re pleased as holiday punch to hear aboutONLY, a new Hong Kong-based health-conscious alcoholic beverage brand. Touted as the city’s first zero-sugar, zero-carb premium vodka soda in a can, it rings in at only 80 calories with no artificial sweeteners or flavours"

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2021.11.15 - Esquire

如何健康地飲酒?ONLY Vodka Soda用五次蒸餾伏特加罐裝即開!

"如何健康地飲酒?這個議題說出來都有點搞笑,但的確在這個人人都要減肥、人人都要健康的時候,既然要豪飲,倒不如飲一些對身體沒有太多負面影響的酒類飲品,ONLY Vodka Soda可能是大家今時今日的首選。"

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2021.11.02 - Localiiz

10 local Hong Kong alcohol brands you should know about

"For all the light and low-cal associations of vodka soda with extra flavour in a portable, ready-to-drink format, check out Only Beverages’ flagship drink, the Only Vodka Soda"

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2021.10.26 - Hong Kong Living

Hong Kong Living Influencer Awards 2021: Dining - Flora Ma, Co-founder of ONLY Beverages

"Born in Hong Kong and bred in Vancouver, Flora Ma moved back to the city six years ago working with audit and management consulting groups at EY before joining Goldman Sachs’ global markets division."

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2021.10.15 - Lifestyle Asia

ONLY Vodka Soda wants to be your only vodka soda

"Available in delicious citrus flavours and portable, very Instagrammable cans — the Hong Kong-based brand from co-founders Jonathan Der and Flora Ma makes a pretty good case."

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